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24 Hour Call Centre

ClaimsPro offers Emergency Claim Services (ECS) for insurers, brokers, and corporate organizations that require service support during after-hours and emergency situations (including CAT events). Our inhouse call centre service is provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

As a service support centre, ECS is operated by licensed Adjusters who are available to look after your customers when you’re not there or when you’re experiencing a higher than normal volume of calls. Our claims call centre provides professional intake and initial adjusting services in both French and English.

As the industry leader, ClaimsPro has the resources and expertise to provide additional service on short notice, whenever and wherever our clients need it.

Initial Adjusting Services

Our call centre agents conduct initial claims adjusting, a service enhancement which reduces cycle time and provides your customer with a positive experience from the start to the end of a claim. Initial adjusting includes offering coverage detail to the customer, setting up a claim file, and entering information right into your system. We’ll also connect your customer with preferred vendors and dispatch local Adjusters so they can mitigate losses and begin the recovery process immediately.

Not only does this enhanced service alleviate your administrative burden but is provides your customer with a positive interaction at this most critical touch point.

CAT Response Services

Severe weather systems and natural catastrophes often lead to a higher than normal volume of calls from your customers. Moreover, those calls often take place after regular business hours. ClaimsPro’s emergency call centre provides CAT Response Services to help insurers, corporate organizations, and brokers manage the influx of calls and respond as quickly as possible.

During a CAT situation, our call centre team will control phone activity through a centralized unit, filtering calls and determining which require immediate attention. Our intake specialists are claims professionals with adjusting experience, enabling us to offer enhanced services by setting up the claim file and triaging calls appropriately, sending them to the loss location for immediate handling.

ClaimsPro’s Catastrophe Response (CAT) Team also provides comprehensive and efficient field coverage locally and provincially across Canada should a catastrophic or high-volume event occur.

ClaimsPro Advantage

Licensed Adjusters

As a team of licensed Adjuster, our call centre agents have the ability to provide coverage details to your customers, providing much needed answers during that first and most critical customer touch point. Our technology and experience ensure you receive the experienced Adjusters you need when you need it.

Full North American Coverage

While ClaimsPro’s call centre is a centralized team of specialists, they leverage networks of site inspection professionals and field Adjusters across Canada and in the U.S. (thanks to our partnership with an American provider). This improves response time and helps mitigate the risk of further losses.

Fully Bilingual Services

Customers contacting you through our call centre receive service in both French and English, providing a positive customer experience and helping you maintain your positive brand reputation.

Full Systems Connectivity

Our call centre team utilizes ClaimsPro’s powerful claims management system, iAdjust™, which has the ability to integrate claims data from system to system. This helps reduce your administrative burden of setting up claim files and reduces the likelihood of errors.

Exceptional Service Standards

With monitored calls and weekly performance audits, we rigorously measure our performance against your handling standards. You’ll receive regular reports of call activity and of our performance so you can feel confident that your customers are being looked after even when you’re not there.

Tailored Solutions

Whether you require a national after-hours line or a broker-driven specialty program, we can tailor our claims call centre services to your particular needs. We'll provide a dedicated, branded, national or multi-national toll-free number and email address for you to publish and distribute as if it were your very own. We'll greet your callers the way you want them greeted and ask them the questions that you want asked. Summarized Call Reports are generated from every call we receive and our leading edge call centre software triages and distributes them back to your organization, to the people and places you specify.

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