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Property Management Claims Solutions
for Self-Insured Retention Losses

ClaimsPro offers customized adjusting solutions for residential and commercial property management and real estate clients with high self-insured retentions and deductibles. We recognize the additional workload caused by having to assess and resolve loss incidents that fall under the deductible.
We have incomparable expertise in our industry for handling property and liability losses, combined with significant technical knowledge to provide solutions for risk management challenges faced by condominium and strata boards.

ClaimsPro provides an effective program designed for the property management and real estate sector. The program enables property management teams to track incidents, review claim data for all buildings under contract, and provides an action plan for cost recovery.

Many loss incidents can be minor and require only an assessment; however, ClaimsPro also offers a tailored, cost-effective solution for quick property repairs and recovering loss expenses. This includes initial assessment for every incident with full adjustment services including field attendance, site documentation, baseline estimates, expense recovery and full project management available as required.